A Brief History of GST/Greenstreet

GST was founded on 7 June 1979 as a contract development company producing many software systems such as the typesetting software for the Beijing Daily (as a sub-contractor to Monotype). GST worked on many early home computer systems including MSX (Shark Hunter and other games), Sinclair QL (Assembler and Small C), Atari ST (1st Word, 1st Word plus) but rose to international fame with the release of its world beating DTP package Timeworks Publisher for the ST & PC in conjunction wit Timeworks Inc. of the USA.

In 1995 Timeworks Inc. got into financial difficulties as a result of fierce competition from Microsoft Publisher and eventaully went bankrupt. This caused severe problems for GST casued by the same competition and the need to change the established name of the product to Greenstreet Publisher and the more ambitious DeskPress. GST actively sought new US partners.

GST went on to develop a whole range of graphic productivity software including Draw (originally called Designworks) Photo FX 2 and the "Maker" range of print products for Calendars, T-shirts, Cards, Fridge Magnets etc. Home and small business users have been using our products in a number of different guises for many years. With publishing partners such as Canon, Macmillan, NEBS (Pagemagic) and Fuji in America and Europe, GST was the developing power behind millions of DTP and graphic software users worldwide. It "owns" the ".DTP" file extension so if your files are in that format then its our development!

The Change to Greenstreet

Greenstreet® Software Limited was a company formed from the merger in 2001 of both GST Technology and eGames Europe. It was a major publisher and developer of PC software covering a wide variety of software from print through to puzzles. eGames was a change of name of a company originally called RomTech and listed on Nasdaq (EGAM). In 1995 it purchased a subsidiary of GST called Software Partners which sold eGames products outside of North America and was renamed eGames Europe. In 2001 GST acquired this company and with it the rights to republish eGames products in most countries outside of the USA and merged into a new company using the then well known brand Greenstreet.

Greenstreet expanded its range with titles such as National Geographic, Discover, Professor Teaches etc. It acquired software which it published under its own brand such as FaceMaker and Paintbox. It went on to create an online presence with the PC Art & Craft, a new print range with many new features and increased power and usability. The product areas include an increasing range of easy to use products for Digital Cameras and new puzzle games. We also sell the world’s best B2B network training products from Professor Teaches. Greenstreet has also launched a Green Label budget range of superb value products for the price conscious customer.

In 2008 the market changes and the fall in price and interest in PC software lead to the final closure of Greenstreet. The assets were acquired by HCPC who created an electric-software division to market these products but new development effectively ceased.