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HCPC has been in existence since 1985 and for many years operated solely as a developer and manager of commercial property. Hence the original official  title of the company Huntingdon Commercial Property Corporation Ltd. In 2007 HCPC acquired all the assets of Greenstreet which had at that time been put into liquidation in order to close it completely. Using Greenstreet's long established trading brand Electric Software, HCPC set up a division to market, sell and exploit the Greenstreet owned technology (Greenstreet had developed over 100 software products including the famous Timeworks Publisher - later sold as Greenstreet Publisher). For a list click here.

It expanded by selling under license the excellent training products made by Individual Software of the USA. These were sold in the UK, Europe and certain other territories.

HCPC handed over its successful website and eBay business to Jumbo Genie but they were unable to exploit it properly and the business evaporated. With the ravages of time and continued development of operating systems and changes in the computer market much of this business is no longer viable.

Now Electric Software sells those pieces of software that still work on modern Windows systems such as 7, 8 and 10. It also sells craft kits for making calendars, t-shirts, face masks along with magnetic paper and cards primarily on eBay as Elecsoft on eBay.

Read about out 2000 Fonts products

In January 2016 HCPC changed its name to "Meadow Park (St Ives) Ltd". This change reflected the move away from commercial property to residential as HCPC converted offices in Meadow Lane St Ives into Residential Flats. This project will start in Q1 2016 and a total of 30 flats will be converted from offices into residential apartments competing by mid 2017. These offer great

Current Contact details

Meadow Park (St Ives) Ltd
60 Victoria Park (Registered Office)
Cambridge CB4 3EL







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GB 599 3879 48